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Civil engineer Vassilis Tsogas opens the first office space in Thessaloniki.


Establishment of the construction - technical company ERGOSYNTHESI CONS ATEVE


Employment with industrial shelves & other storage systems in the industrial sector begins.


You create the tradermark

"ERG Storage Systems" as part of the company that deals exclusively with industrial storage equipment.


The employment of the company with the industrial mobile & fixed buildings begins. 


The company's trademark is changed to "ERG Innovatove Solutions" to emphasize  in the innovative solutions we offer.

Γιατί ERG;: About

Why choose ERG?

ERG Innovative Solution (ERGOSYNTHESIS CONS ATEVE) has been active since the last decade in the field of storage systems, construction and study of technical & industrial projects providing high quality and guarantee  that fully meet your requirements. The purpose of the company is to design complete solutions, suitable for any type of business. Our solutions, with new technology products, innovative, due to their high quality and uninterrupted operation, are the proof of a guarantee that ERG has been providing for almost two decades to all its projects, to all its customers inside and outside Of Greece.

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