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What are sports facilities buildings

The light-mobile ERG sports facility buildings  is an economical & ideal solution where they address sports activities companies, sports cooperatives, municipal centers, event centers, sports facilities, swimming pools and indoor courts under private or public law where they require an immediate & safe coverage of their needs by creating or expanding existing . 


In sports facilities buildings  it is possible to apply sliding curtains but also the application of single or double  roller door for cases where there is a frequent entry-exit (also available with the adjustable automatic door).  It is also possible to install one or more security outlets to ensure a proper escape route.

Technical specifications  & Construction

The light ones  ERG buildings can be mobile or fixed. The cover is made  from durable polyester fabric, coated with PVC with refractory processing class II, total weight of 800gr / m2 per square meter. Upon request, the cover can be made of Panama double- layer PVC fabric with fire safety class II of a total package weight of 1050 gr / m2 . The floor guides are made of steel with a suitable cross-section, which can be canceled with external plugs as well as anchored with a suitable cement base. They can be boxed on the concrete floor, and a special wall bracket can also be created.

Delivery time

Delivery time after check, does not exceed  21-45  working days for most  buildings and during their installation do not interfere  the operation of a business.

Security & Warranty

The construction materials of ERG buildings ensure stability, guarantee and security. All our products are ISO certified.  Also the ERG  also provides After Sales Service.


The construction of ERG mobile buildings can be carried out without always needing a building permit  depending on the area  of the construction.

Costing  & Offer Version



Upon contact, a qualified engineer will visit  your space for exploration  needs and taking appropriate measurements (if necessary). Then you will be issued an offer based on the design and study of the construction. Finally, once the offer is accepted, the procedures for the implementation of the project begin.

At a glance ...

Immediate & economical turnkey solution

Height from 3m - 7.5m and with special order reaches 9.00m

Trunk opening from 3 to 21m (possibility of special order)

Disassembly and transfer to another location

Construction category from 50 to 10,000 sq.m.

100sqm - 1,000sqm from 20 to 45 working days

Complete electrical installations

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Four basic stages

Visit of a specialized engineer

Offer version according to your needs!

Offer acceptance

Implementation of the project!

Man Welding


After Sales Service

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