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Corona Tunel

What is the Corona Tunel?

Due to the weather and Covid-19, our lives are changing a lot. First of all you have to
we keep the distance between us and then spend a lot of time queuing outside the buildings.
With the new situation, the new ERG products, mobile Tunnels for the protection of the citizens
is an economical, fast and ideal solution for all companies industrial, commercial,, Banks,
Department stores, Supermarkets, etc. Companies that require immediate immediate and secure solution for
protection of citizens and officials from the weather and for their possible waiting, in
outdoor areas also protecting them from rain and sunny weather
the duration of their wait for their entry into the buildings.


The load-bearing metal frame of ERG Covid-protection mobiles is made of steel,
dimensions according to static calculations, hot-dip galvanized as the joints
are made with ribbed and welded boards according to UNI standards in a minimum of time

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