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Racking Inspection

What is Racking Inspection?

Racking Inspection or inspection of shelving systems is a procedure as defined by European standards, and in particular with EN 15635 according to which the managers of installations with shelving systems are obliged to have their facilities inspected at least once a year by a specialized staff.


ERG through ERG Storage Systems  provides this inspection service. Our inspectors are trained and authorized to carry out all mandatory inspections and to take all necessary measures to correct defects, always in accordance with applicable safety regulations.

As ERG , we undertake not only the inspection of the systems but also the replacement of the spare parts, their assembly - on request - and the  analytic  recording of materials.

Which  parts should be inspected on a regular basis? 

Regular inspection  of the inspection  storage systems is mainly applied in the sections:

Εξιδεικυμένος μηχανικός κατά την διάρκεια του ελέγχου.

Specialized engineer during inspection.

Pallet shelves

Projector shelves

Drive-in & Drive through

Light type shelves


Dynamic shelving systems  (live storage)

What are the benefits of Racking Inspection?

The regular execution of the inspection  storage systems or otherwise Racking Inspection yields in terms of:

Operational safety of the facilities

Lower repair costs 

Ensure proper operation for longer

Control data management

Certification according to European standards


Safety signs  and charging.

Four basic stages

Audit date scheduling arrangement

Inspection of storage-shelving systems and a detailed table of observations

Pension  Systems control protocol

A new audit date is set for next year

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