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Pallet racks

ERG storage systems are manufactured in the most modern European factories. They have a load capacity of 50kg to 4500 kg per shelf or per level. For small or large, light or heavy loads, for conventional and automatic shelves in multi-storey structures and large installations.

What is a shelf?  pallet?

The pallet rack or otherwise Pallet Racking  is the "classic" system in the storage industry.
Large aisle storage facilities are the most common solution. As a rule, the service is done with fork lift trucks , with automatic stacker cranes and shuttles .


Storage of all types of pallets (even custom dimensions)

Different plant widths and construction details that allow pallet handling length and width per side utilizing more storage space

Compatible with other storage systems

Possibility of automation 

Ability to manage a very wide range of product codes 

Faster management 

Possibility of combination  special accessories 

Back to Back

Back to Back

The back to back storage system  is the most common  case  in the storage industry.

Allows similar or  differentiated pallet loads and easy access to each  palette without restrictions.  It is ideal for businesses that have many different products that go to many different places  (depending on the code) and are suitable for all most product types. The Back to Back layout is simple to install, infinitely adjustable and easy to adjust.


The pallet rack system adapts to your particular requirements and can be fed at height. The width and depth of the system depend on the shape of the pallets.

Pallet Picking


The pallet-picking storage system  used in warehouses that manage a wide range of codes.

It is the ideal system for storing and handling small and medium-sized products that are hand-moved.

There is an option to install a metal surface, MDF or melamine shelves. The shelves are adjustable according to the requirements and with an available option  one or multi-level shelves with wood between them. Finally it applies  in levels up to 2.20 m ( up to 6 levels )  in back to back systems .

It is noteworthy that it adapts easily to the needs of the warehouse, its installation is very fast and offers 

easy management &  fast traffic!

Double Depth

Double Depth

The double depth pallet system or otherwise double depth offers a better solution in storage.

Its most important advantages are that  the operator, controls the semi-automatic pallet conveyors  along with manual pallet management, it is ideal  for storage of homogeneous products without limitation of storage depth  but also for refrigeration / freezing chambers.

Διπλού βάθους.jpg
Mobile Racks

Mobile Pallet Racks

The Mobile Pallet Racking system ( mobile shelves )  uses only one access corridor for all products in stock . Depending on the solution in  system, storage capacity increases between 100% - 180%  and respectively, the occupancy of the floor space is reduced by up to 50% .

Its most important advantages are the economic storage per pallet, the utilization  of  warehouse capacity &  its ideal use for a large number of product codes  (SKU's). 

Finally it has smaller  cost of investment in the floor space compared to conventional storage.

Drive in

Drive In

The system  Drive in storage offers storage  many in-depth pallets. It is a financial initial investment where  allows maximum utilization of floor space,  of the available volume for storage & is an ideal solution when the frequency of movement of products is low.

It is usually applied in warehouses  large quantities per code as it is ideal for using a large volume of the same code with FIFO ( First In, First Out ) & LIFO ( Last In, First Out ) options.

Offers optimal user interface, low turnover frequency, efficient compact storage, safe  storage of fragile materials and pallets with non-compact load.

Push Back

Push Back

The pallet storage rack system  or Push Back  is another system for storing multiple pallets in depth. 

It allows, like the drive in, the maximum utilization of the floor space and the available volume for storage,  but without the need for a forklift with a telescopic fork.

The storage is done according to the push-back system , while the FIFO method ( First In, First Out ) is maintained.  This system can offer depth storage  performing  economic benefit,

as no braking system is required.

Live Storage

Live Storage

The  dynamic pallet storage system or  Pallet Live Storage , playing  decisive role  in the process of rapid flow of materials.  In addition to the optimal  utilization of the space it provides, offers many economic benefits, as they are based on the FIFO method  ( First In, First Out ) . The increase in efficiency compared to conventional storage can be up to 80%.

The live storage system  distributes products in all zones

warehouse loading-unloading, unlike conventional picking systems where a concentration zone is used.

Its most important advantages are that it offers increased productivity due to the separate loading and sorting zones in guide channels with rollers for handling pallets ( with the help of gravity ). The method of storage is maintained  FIFO  where it offers easy  control  production batches and a significant reduction in handling times. Finally it is an ideal solution for 

instant order preparation and the management of large quantities of uniform goods!

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